Wednesday, November 5, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

Okay, so I am a few weeks behind on this one, but I am going to do it anyhow. Here are seven random things about me, and I tag anyone who reads this who hasn't already done so, to do it!

1) I really HATE spiders. Not just a little, a lot....a lot.....a lot!

2) I had five wisdom teeth. Somehow that has not translated to more wisdom for me though.

3) I didn't know that I got sea sick until I went on a week long cruise. I know now, and I still want to go another cruise some day.

4) I have had 3 broken arms(twice on the left, once on the right), each time my brother was involved.

5) I don't like to follow all. I am terrible at following recipes because of this. I just want to make up my own. Sometimes it turns out really well, sometimes it could have been better.

6) My job requires me to follow rules and balance millions of dollars. Ironic huh?

7) I really want to live someplace warm and near a beach before I die!

Oh, and one more thing.....I REALLY love my family!

Camping Princesses

We went camping a couple of weeks ago near Wisconsin Dells and it was SO much fun. Good times with good friends and for a good cause (volunteer building project) for almost an entire week.
The girls are so spoiled by our "camping family", and on the last trip received special princess presents from some of them. I do NOT buy a lot of princess-ey stuff, so Makenna was in heaven. She wore her necklace, earrings and tiara non-stop for several days. Even Kya and her little friend Emery left there's on too and they are both two and under!
A little bit of princess....