Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bubba & Forrest

The girls wanted yogurt and I said that they could have a picnic in the living room on Kya's blanket. I gave them their yogurts and sent them to the living room. I just about died laughing when I came in and saw them like this. I asked Makenna why they were sitting like this and she looked at me with the "duh mom" look. "Because we don't want to get in the mud, we make each other chairs" she said. Ummm, okay I don't see the mud and I know they have never seen Forrest Gump, so I have no idea where she came up with this. These two crack me up!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


That is how I am feeling these days. Life is coming at me faster than I can take hold of it. I have hesitated to post, because I fear it will all sound negative and I do not want that. But, at last I can not hold it in any longer.

One of the big things is Makenna. I love that girl more than I can say, but she is a HANDFUL! Truly, she and Kya are my soul. But, lately Makenna has really been struggling with her behavior issues associated with her Sensory Processing Disorder.
I was naive in my understanding of what SPD really was when they first said that Makenna had it. I thought it would be this quick thing that we would do some OT for, and it would be all good in a couple of months. Of course, I was wrong in that thinking. She had so many behaviors and challenges that we compensated for, that we didn't realize some of the areas that she was struggling in. And, she has come a long way since she started, but we have so much further to go. And, with pre-school coming this fall, I just am starting to worry that she will really struggle with school based on her current behaviors.

Her biggest challenges are her frustration level, aggravated by a very short attention span and her EXCESSIVE energy. Not just a 4 yr old energy level, but like you gave said 4 yr old an energy drink or 12. It is crazy. And, we have gotten very creative in our output choices and really try to find the outlets that she so craves. She needs jumping (trampoline), swinging (now indoor and out), spinning, and heavy pushing, pulling, or carrying something like a weighted backpack. It provides good input and grounds her.We do brushing and joint compression as well. But, the need to find that input is constant, and it wears a momma down.

The worst part is that I know that there are parents who are struggling with so many other things and would love to see their child run and jump and spin, so I feel guilty for even feel annoyed by the constant need for movement. I feel guilty now for even saying all of this, but I have to.

And, just within the last week we have gotten feedback from her therapist that she has even struggled at therapy with inattentiveness, and just being a little less cooperative. So, we are now considering a diet change. We have decided to attempt a gluten-free diet first, with a possible dairy free diet down the line if necessary. Again, I am overwhelmed and stumbling into a whole new world that I know nothing about. I have spent hours online reading, researching and learning. Today I went shopping for some of the gluten free basics, and now feel ready to start this challenge. But, any ideas or input are welcome.

I guess it just comes down to the fact that I want to do the best thing that I can for her, but I feel like I don't always know what that is. It's so unfair to her to struggle like she does with some things, but I can't take that away and it is paralyzing to me at times. I pray everyday that she grows up realizing that I did the best I could, but will that be good enough????

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hair, Hair, Hair-The After Show

Eeek! 2+weeks between posts--sorry about that.

This is a quick update and the answer to some questions that were posted in the comments on our previous post. Sorry it took so long to answer them. First, I learned to do hair by trial and error. Makenna came home completely bald, so I had time. I joined a Yahoo group for Hair and Skincare, and gleaned a lot of informatin from there. But, for me, it just comes down to doing it. So, I have learned by doing Makenna's hair. My firm belief is that anyone can learn, it might take some longer than others, but you will find your groove. And, even after almost 4 years, I am not always happy with how it turns out when I do it.

Second, in regards to how we did Kya's hair in the coils, it's SO easy. I just divide her head into small boxes, like you would for box braids. Then, instead of braiding, I smooth gel, or hair butter through that small section of hair, comb through it once, and then just coil the section of hair around my finger counter clockwise like you would do if you were twirling your hair. Just twirl until it forms the curl and viola! It's so easy even my husband took her hair out of the parts and re-did the style on his own--a definite first for him. I have done this same style with Makenna's hair when she was younger and it always was a favorite. The more hair texture the better it stays, but even with Kya's really soft texture it lasts at least a week. Quick and easy!

Third, this is the product of our most recent braiding session, and my lovely girl is certain EVERYONE wants to see her "rainbow hair".-from every angle none the less(can you tell I have a little helper sitting on my lap while I type this). I am very happy she is proud of her hair, but sometimes I wonder how her head fits through the door. :) I had no idea what I was going to do when we started, but it turned out to be some angled (all diff't angles) cornrows. She loves it, so I am happy.