Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I couldn't find the right words to create a title to this post, and I have no idea what moved me to post it tonight. I have neglected this blog horribly for the past six months, and to come back is actually really hitting me tonight. Tears are pouring down my face as I type and I don't know how to explain why. Hmmm
Where have we been? Here, right here. But, there have been some things to work through that just felt too big to blog about. But, in the end, we find our way through and new normals are created. And, so I am back. Hopefully for good.
So much has happened since I have really last blogged, so I may try to touch on those things as well. But, mostly it will be going forward...looking to the future and working it out.
The biggest changes have happened with my sweet girls. They are big, so, so, so big. Wow, it is amazing how time flies.

Makenna...my sweet girl. September marked three huge events for Miss Makenna. 1) School
2) one year anniversary since we started sensory therapy; 3) glasses
Makenna starting pre-K was a huge source of anxiety for me because I knew that it would push her to her limits as far as holding it together. And, for the first month she really struggled, but we have seen some progress and she seems to be enjoying it more. The 1/2 day option was a good start for her, and by the time she gets picked up she is ready to go and MOVE. We also hit the 1 year mark for therapy and I can't believe how fast that has gone. She has come a long, long way and I pray every day that those improvements never stop until she hits her true potential. Finding a way to tap into the amazing kid she is inside is my constant quest. I am honored to be her mom. And, the glasses. They came out of nowhere and had mama's head spinning. But, aren't they cute?
Kya...my precious baby. September marked another big for our family. It marked the two year anniversary of Kya's coming home. My sweet baby is still sensitive, and needs love and reassurance that we aren't going anywhere, especially since her sister went to school., but she has come SO far since she came into our arms and hears. Her snuggles are more frequent and her path never strays far from those she trusts, but she loves like no other. And, as we all settle into a new routine she is realizing that she gets a little more one-on-one this way and loves that! She is really such a sweet little soul and love watching her really come into her own, in all her two-year old glory! I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be her mom.
So there it is. I have no good reason for staying away other than it just wasn't right. But, I miss my blog, I miss the people I have met through it, and I miss their families. And, with that...we are back.