Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holy Bigness!

Holy bigness!! I braided my sweet girls hair today, and suddenly she looked big. I looked at her when I was done, and saw this beautiful little girl...a girl! Not a baby, toddler, or even pre-schooler (which she is!!).....she looks like a girl. Eeek...she isn't even 5 yet. How has this happened? This momma isn't ready yet. Sigh! But isn't she gorgeous??

Oh, and her hair has gotten long...crazy long. She LOVES it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Overdressed for the party

Today was just tooo nice to not take a few minutes to go outside when we got home. The girls were still in their dress clothes, but who cares when there are leaves to kick, running to do, and a trampoline full of leaves calling your name.
Kya was not in a super cooperative mood, but I got a few pictures of her. But, my Makenna appreciates the opportunity to move more than most, and it is evident on her whole face when she gets the chance. Pure joy comes out of her. I LOVE that most!

(perhaps my fave pic of the day--this is the real Makenna-pure joy)