Friday, May 29, 2009


I just stumbled across these pictures from the last time that I did Makenna's hair. Whenever we do hair, I take pictures afterward so that when I need inspiration I can refer back to styles that I liked. And, I LOVED this style on Makenna, for some reason it fit her perfectly.

So, I had done that and then Makenna sat down with Ky to "do her hair too". It was the sweetest thing to witness! She kept telling her what nice hair she had and that she would be careful and not pull it. I was more worried about the very sharp rattail comb, but she did great.

What suprised me the most is how much she knew about what we do, she was parting and combing and trying to twist-all things I do to her on the top of her head where she can't see. Anyhow, just some cuteness captured between the dynamic duo.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


With some of the challenges that Makenna has faced, we weren't sure this day would come. But, boy oh boy is it sweet. Meet Makenna's new best friend...her bike. I actually teared up the first time she rode it sucessfully. Progress is oh so sweet. Let it keep on coming.