Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tooth Count=2, and a new 'do

Miss Kya is up to 2 teeth now, both on the bottom! And, she wants to use them!! Oh, and please excuse the runny nose in the pics. We can't seem to stop that while she's teething. Yummy!

And, we did Miss Makenna's hair this week in 2 strand twists for the first time ever. They don't stay as well as I would like in her hair, so I have always just braided or cornrowed her hair. But, they take so much less time to put in and to take out. So, we tried them again, and I love the way they look on her. I definitely need to practice them a little more to get them to look just right, but it was a rough draft right??? She still has areas of hair that aren't as thick, so those twists were smaller, but for the most part they are juicy, big twists. She LOVES them! She calls them "her little ropes" and had a huge smile when we got done. Too cute!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Then & Now--The Difference of a Year

I recently came across these pictures of Makenna in her winter coat last January. I loved this coat, and put it on her even though it was probably a little too big at the time. :)

So, I took pics of her this past Sunday just to compare how much she has changed in less than a year. She looks so little in the pictures from last winter compared to the big girl she is now. And, she has free hair (which happens pretty rarely) in both pics, so you can really see how much more hair she has now too.

I feel like she is going to be a teenager before I know it. Sigh!!!!!

Kya's first tooth!

Kya has been SO crabby the last week or so(though you wouldn't know it by these pics-trust me it was a moment in time), and finally the reason(well one of them at least--mommy going back to work has been an issue too) became glaringly apparent. A litle white tooth popped through today, and will be followed by another within the next couple of days. Wow! We have teeth!

Here are pics of our sweet girl. Can't see the teeth yet, but she is still cute!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Wanna B-B-Q???

So this post is for Heather who says that she would like to see some snow. Well, seeing how it's like 70 degrees (boo hoo for you!) where she lives, I guess I will be happy to oblige her since it was -15 degrees here today.

It's snowed a couple of time now, so we have a pretty good amount of snow already. Makenna is really into it this year, so we have gone out to play a couple of times. So, here are some pictures of snow just for you Heather! Oh, and it is daylight here sometimes, which you would not know by most these pictures. Just so happens we usually go out when Dad gets home to help with Miss Kya! :)

Kenna while she's getting dressed-not sure if she is ever gonna make it outside.....

Finally getting to go out......

Snow angel......

And this was the face I got after I asked "Makenna are you eating snow?" With her answer of "Nuhh-uhh, I not eating anysing Mom!". Yeah right!


Guess who is 3?

Is it possible that she really was once this serious little baby?

When she looks like this all of the time now?

I can't believe that she really is three, but sure enough the date on the calendar says it all. I am so overwhelmed by all that we have been given and blessed with by with our children. Makenna is a force to be reckoned with. Her joy is infectious, and pure. The smile on her face radiates the beautiful little soul she is inside. She truly is a joy and the perfect kiddo for our family. I love the independent, fiesty spirit that she is. I love to watch music take over her whole body, as she can't stop herself from dancing. I LOVE to look into her sparkling brown eyes as she calls me Mom. I LOVE her.

But, my gratefulness always brings me back to one place....her Ethiopian birthfamily. I wish with all my heart that they could see her, know her, know that she is okay, know that she is loved, know that there are two parents who can't even consider life without her, and a whole family who is in love with her as well. I wish that they would have never had to experience the pain and heartache that ultimately allowed us to create our family. I wish so much for them, and they are never far from my mind. So today as our daughter turns 3, I think of them.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where Did The Time Go?

I have no idea where the last 3 months have gone. Tomorrow is my first day back at work. I can't beleive it came so soon. I am not sure that I am ready to go back, but at this point I will be.

I feel like we finally got things figured out and now it's time to undo it all. Makenna finally got used to me being home everyday. I finally got used to being home everyday...with 2 kids. And Kya seems to really be coming around. But, I know they will be in good hands, so that makes it a little easier...a little. I just know that I am really going to miss my girls and I am hoping that they miss me too.