Friday, October 31, 2008

Yes, we are still alive

To those of you who are still reading and checking in on our world, we are still alive. Sorry so long between posts, it's just been a pretty tough month for us. Lots of changes and not all for the good. More about that maybe later...

But, there are some really cool positive changes also. Especially with Makenna. We have been going to Sensory Integration Therapy with her every Tuesday and Thursday since completing the two week(every day) intensive program that we completed in early September. They said that we would see some improvements and 1 month after starting treatment and then again at three months. And, I am happy to report that so far we are definitely seeing small, positive changes.

One of the most exciting things is to see her changing in her ability to focus and organize enough to complete daily tasks that she couldn't prior to therapy. Simple little things that other take for granted, and that we didn't realize we compensated for until now. A little thing like actually asking to color. Makenna has NEVER asked to color before, and had no interest in it because it meant she would have to sit still. She actually asked to color and drew an organized picture of a rainbow versus the normal scribbling she would do. It brought me to tears--I was SOOOO happy for her. Another little thing is that she is finally starting to have an interest in learning how to write her name, and is starting to recognize more letters. Before we started therapy she recognized none, and now she can write most of her name. It's so cool to see.

Another big area of advancement is learning to calm herself and realizing that she can get out of control. She still does it, but it is easier for her to recognize it and ask for help, or allow us to help her to get back under control. That is huge! Her frustration level has subsided some and she is willing to attempt more things by herself. It really is amazing at all of the aspects that it touches.

The only downside is that it has been a lot to keep up with, and work, and all that comes with everyday life. We are gone everyday that I have off, and we just haven't had much time to breathe(with the exception of our little camping/volunteering excursion-pics to come soon). I look forward to settling into winter, and hope that when they retest her in December that they will decrease the # of times that we have to go, or say we are done altogether. I look forward to spending time at home--snuggled with my family, which is now stronger than ever. I look forward to having time to just be.

To those who are still reading and worrying and carrying about us-you know who you are--thank you!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tenting it up!

Just had to share these pictures of the girls playing in one of their new favorite toys--the beloved girlie tent. The tent is currently at grandma's house(where these pics were taken--I am not responsible for the wardrobe--especially Kya's :)) and is an endless source of amusement for these two. It came with one set of butterfly wings, which is the source of some fights, but a lovely lesson in sharing.

I was really struck by how big the girls looked-especially Kya. She has changed so much this past year and is quickly becoming a rambunctious little toddler. I love it! Most days anyhow..

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we have been running to Makenna's therapy a lot and some days there just is no time. More to come soon!

Through the mesh on top--Makenna told me "Mom you scared me--I having quiet time and you scared me to death!"

Not so happy with the sharing part here....