Monday, November 5, 2007

So, where did you steal them from?

That is an actual question that my friend S and I were asked on Friday when we were out with our kids for lunch. We were both so annoyed that neither one of us wanted to answer and just tried to ignore this rude waitress hoping that she would get the hint. She didn't. She asked again and S answered " back on the street corner". She just kind of looked at us not knowing what to say. But, instead of letting it go, she had to keep asking. Get a clue!

I mean really? You really think is okay to say that to someone even if you think you're trying to be funny? You don't see the sweet little faces looking at you as you ask this ridiculous question?
Just goes to show that we still have a long way to go in changing people's perceptions about international adoption. And, as adoptive parents sometimes we feel obligated to try to educate people about the process and answer their invasive questions to some extent. But, there are many more times where people are just being rude, and we just want to have lunch. We just want to eat lunch with our kids just like any other family without being singled out as the different. I pray everyday for the time when that will be our reality!