Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tooth Count=2, and a new 'do

Miss Kya is up to 2 teeth now, both on the bottom! And, she wants to use them!! Oh, and please excuse the runny nose in the pics. We can't seem to stop that while she's teething. Yummy!

And, we did Miss Makenna's hair this week in 2 strand twists for the first time ever. They don't stay as well as I would like in her hair, so I have always just braided or cornrowed her hair. But, they take so much less time to put in and to take out. So, we tried them again, and I love the way they look on her. I definitely need to practice them a little more to get them to look just right, but it was a rough draft right??? She still has areas of hair that aren't as thick, so those twists were smaller, but for the most part they are juicy, big twists. She LOVES them! She calls them "her little ropes" and had a huge smile when we got done. Too cute!


She is... said...

Great job, momma!! Love that face she's wearing! Merry Christmas!!