Saturday, April 26, 2008

11 Years Together

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. 11 years??? Really??

Ron & I got married young(at least I was really young-ha ha hun!), and many people assumed that wouldn't work. I now agree that it may not work for everyone, but it has worked for us. And, for that I am so thankful. Ron is such an awesome person and I am so glad that we get to muddle through life together. He is caring, hardworking and an awesome partner. He is so supportive of my crazy work schedule and picks up our girls and cooks dinner most nights. He loves me unconditionally, which is more than I could have ever hoped for. And, I love how he plays with the girls when he doesn't think anyone is watching him. And, he LOVES my family and they love him (probably more than me most times!) too, which is important since we do so much together.

We have our ups and downs like everyone, but in the end we are still together. That alone is a good thing. It's not easy everyday, but the good days outweigh the bad because they are so good. The last year has been one of the most stressful that we have had, so I think that we both realized that we can handle more than we thought. But the key is to work together.

I hope that we celebrate another 50 years together! I love you baby!

P.S. And, I will still work toward my goal of getting him to dance before we die!


Nancy said...

Congratulations Kari and Ron!! Sometimes regardless of circumstance, I believe people are meant to be married ;)

So my dear, you have inspired me/us to keep plugging away. Boy can we relate to the year of stress!

I hope you will do something fabulous for yourselves together (just the two of you) to celebrate this maybe go out dancing!

Heather & Adam said...

Congrats you guys!
Yeah, marriage is really hard sometimes, but it helps to be married to sweet, hilarious guys like ours. Ron is awesome, and he would have to be to have scored such an awesome wife. We miss you guys! Go out and celebrate!!

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary our dear friends!

Here is to another 60 years!

Heather and the rest of the Justin clan. (oh, and Conor's new beagle puppy...yep, I have to have my head examined!!)