Thursday, June 12, 2008


Thank you to all of you who posted such sweet comments on my last post. They mean more to me than you can know. I was really struggling to make sense of something I just won't be able to understand, and I am coming to realize that.

But, it re-inforced again the wonderful friends that I have made through this process, and just out of similarity in life circumstances (others who have adopted from ET, from our adoption agency, religion, etc). Many I have never met in real life, and some I have. But, regardless, they are special friendships to me.

One of these people is my friend Shonna. She and I took her two girls and my two girls to the zoo recently and the girls had so much fun. Not so much with the critters at the zoo, but by just being together. They are always so good together and don't ever fight-just a lot of giggling! :) Makenna loves spending time with them, and Kya tries hard to keep up with the big girls. Kya was in her stroller most of them time, so not as many of her, but she was definately there! :)And, they had a little ride park at the zoo, so they did that too and Kya went on her first ride. WOO HOO! WE had a blast spending the day with two such sweet little girls and their rockin' mom. Thanks Shonna, Birkie and Netsie for hanging with us at the zoo. :)
So, here are the photos that evidence our day together. The one I put above is one of my favorites from the day. I just happened to snap it while Birkie & Kenna were holding hands, and it was SO sweet. The rest of them will speak for themselves:


ethiopianqueen said...

They're all so gorgeous! Great captures :D x

Nancy said...

Loveliness. I love the photo of the girls holding hands.

JYS said...

What fun!