Sunday, September 14, 2008

No More Shopping!

Ater reading/seeing this post on the other Makena's Mommy's Blog, I decided we now know who to recruite to help us organize.

This is just Makenna's closet, and there is more! She has 4 drawers worth of stuff in her dresser too! No kid needs this much right?!?! Kya's side is not far behind her either.

In my defense I have not purchased all of it. My sweet sister has two girls ahead of mine, and is awesome enough to give us tons of hand-me-downs. We both need retail therapy help I think! :)


The Four of Us said...

Well, if you get that help, let me know how it goes. I'm right there with you! LOL It's just so hard not to buy little girls' clothes. They're so CUTE! I also love to make little girls pretty dresses, so I'm in double trouble when I have time to sew. :( deborah labelle

Nancy said...

Those photos are overwhelming me! Somewhere I learned that the state of one's mind is reflected in their closets! Haha.

The rule of thumb I follow is to recycle everything. Whenever I or any of us bring in something "new", something has to go. Every time my son brings in new shoes, for example, he has to give at least 2 pairs away. Otherwise, I assume he does not need them :) I do the same with Makena's clothes and toys.

In order to make room for the "new", the "old" (unworn or unused) needs to go so someone else can use it. It can be very hard to do especially when things are connected to our emotions (like baby clothes).

Hey Makena and I will gladly make a trip to help you clean out your closets...if you're really, really ready ;)