Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tenting it up!

Just had to share these pictures of the girls playing in one of their new favorite toys--the beloved girlie tent. The tent is currently at grandma's house(where these pics were taken--I am not responsible for the wardrobe--especially Kya's :)) and is an endless source of amusement for these two. It came with one set of butterfly wings, which is the source of some fights, but a lovely lesson in sharing.

I was really struck by how big the girls looked-especially Kya. She has changed so much this past year and is quickly becoming a rambunctious little toddler. I love it! Most days anyhow..

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we have been running to Makenna's therapy a lot and some days there just is no time. More to come soon!

Through the mesh on top--Makenna told me "Mom you scared me--I having quiet time and you scared me to death!"

Not so happy with the sharing part here....


Nancy said...

I wanna play!! What a cool tent. Kya really is a toddler now. Your girls are both so adorable. I hope therapy is working out. It does help though I wish it would just solve the problems!

Kerry and Tom said...

That tent is sooo pretty.
Kari, they are sooooooooo cute.
I cannot wait to see you all in Dec.
We cannot stay for the entire weekend but we will be there at least to spend one day with everyone.
Miss you.

Nancy said...

Kari I tagged you. When you have time please tell us 7 random things about yourself :)

Lynn said...

You have been tagged!! I love reading your blog and your daughters are amazing. You helped me so much during my journey to Sadie. See my blog for the rules!!

Stacy said...

how come they grow up so fast???