Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Four Generations of Love

On Sunday we took pictures with my grandma, which included 4 generations of our family. It was so special, and I am so blessed to have such a great family. My grandma has amazed me with the fullness of her love towards my girls. She fell in love with Makenna and lights up when they are together, and I was worried that she would have a harder time falling in love with Kya. But, as always, her love just shines through. She adores Kya too.

I so wish that my girls could have met my grandpa. I think about that so often and wonder what he would have said. I know that he would have been a skeptic at first, but I also know that he would have melted with their love and from seeing me so happy. We met Makenna in Ethiopia 1 year after he died. It was his death that really made me wonder what we were doing, or what we were waiting for. I just wish that we could have realized that sooner. He was so very important to me, and I would have loved to see him with my girls.

Here are some pics from that day. I took a bunch of my nieces and Makenna. Makenna loves her cousins and does a pretty good job trying to keep up with them. And I took some of my adorable, VERY blue-eyed nephew. Enjoy!