Sunday, September 9, 2007

We're HOME---almost!

Okay, so we are in the USA anyhow. We are sitting in DC trying to kill the 6 hour layover that we have from our flight from Ethiopia to MSP. Which, isn't too hard to do with a baby in tow! :)

We obviously had a hard time getting to an internet connection while we were gone, so sorry for the lack of updates. It just never worked out for us to get on and get a good e-mail sent. But, we had a fabulous time and now have a new sweet little girl coming home with us.

Kya Abaynesh is a really good little girl. She has a pretty good disposition and really is attaching to us well. She was definitly letting us know when she needed something this week when we were with her.

She is so different from Makenna in every way that I feel like this is the first time we are doing this again. It's strange! Anyhow, we are all getting to know each other, and can't wait for Makenna to meet her. I miss her SO much!

More to come soon!


Mama Papaya said...

Welcome home little Kya (love the name)!