Thursday, January 3, 2008

We're Official!

We finalized Kya's adoption last week at our local courthouse. So, she's officially our daughter on paper and will have a WI birth certificate. So, now we just have to get her Certificate of Citizenship and a Passport and we will be done with the paperwork involved with her adoption. How wild is that? I won't know what to do without having more paperwork to do, maybe we'll have to think about starting the process again! :)

The camera battery died at the courthouse, so we only have 1 pic (and it isn't good, but I am sharing anyway--Ron and I look TERRIBLE!) for now, until we get some from family.

I can't believe that even happened, it is SO not like me to not have a working camera. A bunch of our family was there to celebrate with us. We love them very much and were so glad that they were there too. The judge was awesome and took pics with us and held Kya and kept telling us that it's the best part of his job when he gets to do adoption hearings. The rest of the time he said it's divorces, custody hearings, etc. So, it was nice to have something good too in his courtroom. It was pretty sweet. He even let Makenna go take the stand after it was all done and pretend to answer questions like Ron and I had done.

When we got home we were hanging out and Kya was playing with the scarf I had worn to court while I was changing her. Makenna had done the same thing on her court date, and I couldn't believe Kya did too. So I grabbed a camera and started snapping away. Anyhow, there is a picture that I took that is so similar of the two of them. What do you think are they sisters or what?


Heather & Adam said...

CONGRATS!! I am so impressed...we have not even applied yet. SIGH.
The girls look just amazing together, and you parents do NOT look terrible. Quite the opposite, you sexy thangs!
I am inspired to pick up my camera more often. Your pictures are soooo good, as always.
Miss you!!