Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do people really not recognize the continent of Africa?

Okay, warning, this may turn into a mini-rant. You have been given fair warning! :)

I recently purchased this awesome necklace from a lady who is selling them to help raise money for her daughter and son-in laws adoption from Ethiopia on this Etsy sight. I LOVE mine and think the idea is awesome. And, obviously we have a deep connection to the continent and it holds a special place in our hearts, so I am proud to be reminded of that daily.

However, I have had more people than I care to admit ask me what it is. And several people have even asked me if it is Wisconsin! What???? Why would I wear a necklace of Wisconsin? I mean its not something that I am THAT proud of, and anyone who knows me, knows that I would move in a heartbeat to anywhere other than WI. And, besides, it's CLEARLY not WI anyhow.

I am shocked that people don't recognize an entire continent. Really? Is it possible that there are that many narrow minded people still in this world? Or is it because it is Africa? Is it not worth caring about? Or acknowledging? Or, is this just a sign of how selfish we truly are as Americans? Regardless of the reason, I am bothered by it....a lot!

On a positive note, my girls both LOVE this necklace as well. Makenna noticed it the first time I put it on and told me how pretty it is. So, I showed her where Ethiopia is and what the necklace was. She was smiling the whole time I told her that Ethiopia was so special to me that I wanted to remember it every day. And, Kya plays with it everytime she is near me. So, I am thinking of getting them a similiar version of this necklace and see if I can get their names engraved on them and save them for them until they get just a little older. Something special that they can have the same as mommy you know! :)


megan said...

I want one of those neckalaces so bad!!! I think I might have got one for my anniversary, hopefully I only left a million hints!!! I can't belive people asked you if it was wisconsion, what do they teach in schools???

Anonymous said...

Tom and I both have this necklace but on black cords. We plan to pass them on to our girls when they are a little older. We LOVE it. It is pathetic that anyone over the age of 6 doesn't recognize the continent of Africa.- Dawn

Anonymous said...

your daughters are beautiful! i have been trying to find a necklace like this since i have a bracelet of the continent that i got when i was in Ghana last year. thanks for posting this!