Friday, March 28, 2008


That's right, it got us. Both of the girls have Influenza. UGH!!! It's been a rough week around here for everyone. Poor Kya has been sick since Sunday and Makenna since Tuesday. They are so pathetic and lifeless, that it scares me to see them this sick. I am SO NOT used to low energy children. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind it occasionally, but not this way. ;)

We had plans to go away for the weekend, which we waited to cancel until the last minute. We kept holding out hope that a miracle would happen, but finally gave in to the inevitable. Since we have been home I braided Makenna's hair. Most of our family is out of town this weekend too, so she is quite disappointed that she has no one to show it to. She really is a little diva! :) Here are the results of our efforts. She loves it, so that's all that matters to me. I love to see her hair cornrowed, but it makes her look so old.

She always has me take pictures of her hair so she can see the back and we head to the mirror so that she can see what I have done to her. I did her hair in two sessions, so this is after only the front was done. I don't know why, but I love these pics of her so I added them too.

And, poor Kya was just feeling so awful that I didn't even bother to try anything on her little head. She was so clingy and whiney, that you just knew that she was feeling terrible. The only upside is that she is really snuggly when she doesn't feel well, so we have gotten tons of snuggles. She was not about to be left out of the photo op, so here are some random pics of her too.


Cindy said...

Girl, you are good! Nice 'do!

Hey, what kind of camera do you have? Nice pics! And gorgeous babes. I noticed M has great dancer legs, so please enroll her ASAP :).

Susy Q said...

Ugh, no fun. At least their hair is adorable!!

megan said...

Poor babies!!!

Tarah said...

I saw your page over on Nancy's blog. What amazing braids. Great job!!!
Sorry your girls are sick.

Kerry and Tom said...

Oh kari i am so sorry they got sick. Both the boys got it too. And it just dragged.. turned into ear infections and sinus infections it was hell on earth here. You did and AMAZING job on the braids... i am really really impressed.... My gosh those girls are just beautiful. I miss you guys so much..... I will Toemoss hello too.. i still call him that sometimes... cracks me up... Love to all of you.