Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laptop Strike is OVER!

Sorry y'all my laptop cord completely fell apart(wore out from overuse probably) and apparently the "universal" replacement cords that Best Buy, Circuit City, etc are NOT universal. Even with giving the make and model, the sales people still couldn't find the right one, but were more than happy to sell the wrong one. Anyhow, we are back!
We have been really low key around here because it has been so cold and the kiddos have both been sick. They just got over the cough/cold crud and now have for the last three days had a fever. Nothing else, just a fever. I am perplexed. Oh, and Makenna doesn't just get a little fever. When that girl gets a fever, it's high--crazy high--like 104.5 degrees high today again. It is scary! But you would never know it. She really doesn't show signs of being sick until at least 102-103 degrees. She is so tough. Kya on the other hand is a sobbing, whining mess at 99 degrees. But, the silver lining is that I get tons of snuggles when they don't feel good. I hate having to give them medications, but obviously having been trying to keep them comfortable. I am just praying that I am not next. I think cabin fever has officially hit us already.
Is it summer yet??? Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...


Nancy said...

Ahhhhhhhh - to the photos
Ugh - to the cord debacle
Boo - to kids being sick
Yay! - your back

Kerry and Tom said...


cabin fever has hit this house and it has hit us hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!