Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Revealing Closets

Back in September I did a post about the way Makenna's closet looks, and a really smart lady commented on our craziness. This is part of what she said:

"Those photos are overwhelming me! Somewhere I learned that the state of one's mind is reflected in their closets! Haha. "

When I read that it really hit me. And, I couldn't shake it, for days, then weeks, then a month. She was right. The state of my mind was just as confused, jumbled, stuffed and unorganized as M's closet. Our days were overfilled during most of summer and then right into fall. It was running everyday to M's therapy and then work. It was stress. It was too much. It was chaos. It was time to change.

So, I have been working on my state of mind and on M's closet. It's not perfect. But we're making progress. Thanks for the tough love really smart lady!




Nancy said...

Oh dear. I do have a bit of an honesty problem. Well, I am glad that you put it to good use my friend. Please feel free to be honest right back at me :) The closet looks great and therefore so does your new state of mind (haha).

Kari said...

I appreciate and needed your honesty. Please keep it coming. Hope you know that I mean that! :)

Jess said...


I've recently come to the same conclusion! I've gone through everyone's closets, my own closet, the basement toys, the garage....I must say it feels so great to drop those boxes off at a goodwill!! But I'm still working on the state of mind part:)

The Four of Us said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Just one question, though...what did you do with all those clothes? :)

Kari said...

That is the beauty of two girls. Some went in totes for Kya and some went on their way to another home. Trust me, it's just the tip of the iceberg! :)