Friday, August 10, 2007

OMG! We leave in under 3 weeks

Okay, so we had confirmed tickets to leave on September 12th and we fine with that. We were excited and starting to get ready to go.

But, today all of that changed! Our agency contact Jan called with the greatest suprise. She asked if we would still be willing to travel early because we had been moved to a travel date of the 31st of August. Umm...yeah!!! We aren't going to mess around, we will be there when you say----happily!:)

So, we will get to our little girl 2 weeks earlier. We will leave here on the 29th and will meet Abeynesh on the 31st! We can't wait!!!!

So, our lives are in fast forward now--majorly! We have only about 2 weeks of work left before we go, and under 3 weeks to pull everything else together. We will be busy! But, she's coming home!!!


Heather & Adam said...

I could not be more excited!! 2 extra weeks with your baby girl, and we are going the same week!
I think we deserve this good surprise after all that waiting!!!
Congrats on this awesome news!

Melanie said...

This is awesome news. You must be so excited. Have a safe trip and enjoy every min. of it. How old will the baby be when you arrive?

Heather & Adam said...

Thanks Kari!
I know, I can't wait to meet you guys too...we are going to take some amazing pictures. My best friend Jess was looking at your blog with me, and she was so impressed both with your photos AND with how beautiful Makenna is!
See ya soon!

Suzy Strempke said...

Hi Kari,
I've enjoyed your blog- your girls are adorable! Congratulations on all of your exciting news. I'm a friend of Shonna's - Didn't get a chance to have her introduce us in Rochester.