Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It can change in a minute

The bridge collapse in Minneapolis is really hitting us tonight. We have family and friends who drive it everyday. Not knowing if they are ok and not being able to get through on cell phones is really making us take a step back. We are watching all of this on TV tonight and are reminded of how quickly things can change. It is so surreal to watch.

Also, Makenna got sick this afternoon and had a REALLY high fever. Like 105+ degrees with Tylenol! Ron took her to the ER and I met them there. On the way, all I could think about is that I take time with my family for granted. If something were to change today, I would not be able to change what we did. So, I held her a little closer and kissed her cheeks a little more tonight. She is SUCH a good kid. A truly happy girl who is almost always a trooper with whatever we make her do. I was reminded of that when I got to the hospital and saw her sad face--it didn't fit her. She rarely looks like that, and she almost looks like a different kid without that 1000 watt smile across her face. They ran a bunch of tests, and can't figure it out. But, they helped us get the fever under control because 105+ is just too high! So, we assume it's a virus and ride it out. No complaints here-just happy that we are all safe, sound and together tonight.


Heather & Adam said...

Kari, I hope Makenna is feeling better. How scary....Let me know!