Friday, October 12, 2007

Apple Orchard & Cupcakes

Okay, so they don't normally go together. But, they are two of the things that I have done with Makenna recently so that we get some special time together. We had a blast making cupcakes together, and it made me wonder why we had never done it before. She has done it with Gramma though, and knew what we needed to do. She helped crack eggs, put the paper liners in the pan, and hold the mixer. Somehow, she has gotten really big overnight. :(


Anonymous said...

e-mail me directly.. I have a couple questions for you :o)

mom to Bohdan
JW Adopt member

Nancy said...

Hi Kari:

I haven't checked in for a looong time!! Kya is beautiful and the girls look so sweet together. The pink cupcakes aren't too bad either :) I LOVE the barn dance. Very, very cool. Looks like you all are enjoying life and having a ball!