Friday, October 12, 2007

Dance-Barn Dance that is!

Last weekend we were invited to a barn dance at our friends house, which turned out to be a little baby shower for us too. It was so much fun! It was 85 degrees that day, which is insane for early October, but it was beautiful out. A lot of people dressed the cowboy/cowgirl part, especially the kids and had a great time. Somehow I was with Makenna most of the time, and didn't get any picture of Kya(who was with Ron) in her cowgirl outfit, so those pics will be coming. What a bad mom huh?

Makenna had a blast, and danced for at least 3 hours straight. She didn't want to leave until the band played the last song, but finally at 10:30 p.m. we took her home. She wasn't happy that she had to leave, but she knew that she was getting tired too, so didn't fight us as much as I expected. That girl is serious about her dancing, and gets in a zone while she is. You just don't mess with her then. Guess she takes after her mom, because I have never heard a beat that I could ignore. If only I had her moves?????? :)

The Band

My little cowgirl

Isn't she beautiful?
My little cowgirl and her friends

Party time!
Bunny hop anyone????

Just too amazing to pass up. What barn dance is complete without a windmill and a gorgeous sunset?


shelly said...

love the barn dance...what a great way to scoialize!