Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kya Papaya

Makenna sits with me a lot when I am at my laptop and likes to visit blogs with me. She loves Maia Papaya and her momma's blog. She really loves when they do the photo and music montages, and remembers them FOREVER! So, she has taken to calling her sister Kya Papaya, and it is kind of sticking. So, I hope Maia and her momma don't mind too much! ;)

We have been lacking in pictures of Kya lately, so I thought I would do some that were entirely her. You can see how much she is growing. She has been gaining almost a pound a week average since we've gotten home. And, she is such a sweet little girl now that she is feeling better. She is still SERIOUS about her food, but happy and smiley as long as you keep her fed. She fits in perfectly! So, here is Miss Kya Papaya in all her glory. Oh, on the last couple that is Makenna "helping" lotion up Kya's face all by herself. I was a little suprised, but it was so funny that I had to take a couple of pics before I rescued Kya from her big sis.


Mama Papaya said...

Well hello other Mama Papaya. :) Love the nickname! I love peeking at your girls enjoying their time together. Sisters rock!

Anonymous said...

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