Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Cut & Cornrows

This past Saturday we took Makenna to Global Braids in St. Paul to get a her first "real" haircut at a salon, and her first professional braids. She was SO excited because she is with us a lot when we get haircuts, and could never understand why she didn't get to go and get one. I have trimmed her hair a lot over the last couple of years, but I was waiting to take her somewhere until she was old enough to handle it.

So, before we went we talked about what a "big privilege" (which is a big deal at our house right now!) it was to go and get her hair cut and braided. And, we had a little chat about how our behavior should be while we were there. I have to admit, I was nervous. I had no idea how she would react, or if she would sit still. And, of course, she proved me wrong. She sat like a champ and did awesome!

The woman, Biftu, who owns the salon is Ethiopian and all of the clientele was as well while we were there. So, as soon as Makenna went in, she knew this was something special. Biftu was wonderful with Makenna and was surprised at how long her hair is when it's stretched out, and said her hair looked great! YEAH!!! We are doing the right things I guess. Her hair is getting long and comes to the middle of her shoulders when it is wet in the tub. It just shrinks like crazy with all those incredible curls!

We ended up talking with her and her husband forever, and they were so incredibly friendly and really sweet to both of the girls. It was a very positive first experience for both of us.

Afterward we went for dinner at Fasika's Ethiopian restaurant (Makenna got to pick) and our favorite waitress was working. She is so sweet to our family, and her and Makenna are buddies. She brought both of the girls special little tiny cups of coffee along with mine, which were mostly milk and a little coffee. And, she carries Makenna around and lets her "help" while she is working. It's so sweet to watch.

So, all in all a really good Saturday for us. Oh, and the best part of all...even though Makenna LOVED her braids, she said that she wants mommy to do them next time because I do it better. Awwww, way to melt my heart baby!


rebekah said...

Awww... she looks wonderful! What a day! She's looking more and more grown up.

Quinn cannot sit still for a 15 minute hair cut. I cannot believe what his lady can do with his head whipping around constantly - amazingly his hair generally looks good.

STILL want to meet you guys someday... especially Makenna whose sweet face and welcoming smile stayed with me while we were deciding an our adoption.

Mama Papaya said...

I do have faith that some day, most likely many years in the future, Figs will need a haircut.

Your girl knows how to warm a mama's heart. Too sweet.

Easties and Co. said...

Your girls are absolutely beautiful! I think her hair looks great before and after her hair appointment. I may need tips from you in the near future. ;)

Nancy said...

What a nice outing. Makenna's hair always looks fantastic and I am impressed at your skills. I imagine it is nice to have someone else do it once in awhile though.

Beautiful girls Kari and Ron.