Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here are some random cute pics of the girls from this past week. They were both being "mommy" to their individual babies and I couldn't resist. I have to capture the moments where they are actually playing together and seem to love each other, just to get me through the MANY moments where they aren't quite that way. :) Makenna was giving me some faces where she was trying not to laugh--she rarely succeeds, but she got a couple of good ones this time.

I especially love this pic of Kya sitting on Makenna. She is finally getting big enough for it to be more of a fair fight with her big sister. Makenna is going to be in trouble soon! Her little sister isn't missing a beat and learning from the master. We keep warning her!

Oh, and the pics of Makenna with her natella (Ethiopian shawl), man does she look big! Yikes, where is my baby going???


Mama Papaya said...

I love these pics. They give me hope.

And yes, too big Mama. Way too big.

Nancy said...

I love Kya's dress and the colors in the shawl (pink and brown, right?). Oh they are so awesome together! It's great when you can capture those moments when they are playing happily.

Kari said...

I love that shawl too and I picked it because of the brown and pink combo. It's irresistable!