Thursday, December 25, 2008

Play-dough Day

Thanks to the easy recipe from Mama Papaya we had quite a bit of fun making home made play dough. We did a triple batch and used some natural coloring and some funky neon coloring to make things a little more interesting. I have to say that both of the girls played with the brown play dough that was colored by cocoa and smelled divine, more than any other color.
Makenna decided she wanted to make something and decided on a girl. Here is her creation. She really did almost all of it herself, including the "rocking 'fro hair with a really pretty headband" and the funky lime green shoes. I was really impressed with her final results.

And, Kya, well she decided that it was more fun to try to take apart the play dough toys and to try and eat the play dough than actually do anything. Gotta love that crazy girl!


Nancy said...

That play-dough-girl has legs I can only dream of! We love play-dough over here too. I love your neon colors, those are fun.