Monday, July 2, 2007

No News is Not Good News

Who ever said that no news is good news was wrong, or at the very least not waiting for an adoption referral. As I am sure that all of you have guessed, we have not heard anything. So, as of right now we are waiting out the summer, with only a sliver of hope for this week(the little inkling we did get for hope was from a good source though). We are extremely bummed, but have no say. So, we are trying to focus. That is easier said than done. We have been preparing all along to travel at the end of summer, and have kind of planned around that loosely. So, now to think we may not even know who our child is until early September is hard to deal with. But, we will. And, we will do it together!

We are going camping this weekend, so look for more pics next week.