Sunday, June 10, 2007

Going crazy while we "WAIT"

So, I am finding that I am terrible at waiting. I want things now! A lovely American trait that I never realized I was so overcome by. Everything we need on a daily basis we can get as soon as we want right?? So, suddenly you are forced to wait and the world stops spinning. UGH!

We are currently 4.5 months into the wait for referral for our next daughter from Ethiopia. We knew the expected wait time was 6-9 months, but we were hoping that it would be sooner. And, our agencies average is around 5.5 months I think. So, of course, you hope you are on the shorter end of that wait time. But, you never know. The courts close in ET during the rainy season, and our agency stops giving out referrals after June 15th, so there aren't families sitting during the court closure with a referral.

So, we only have this WEEK to get a referral! We are stressed for sure. I am still trying to remain positive, but I am starting to worry that we won't make it through. If we don't get a referral now, we won't get one until probably mid-September. So, it's a big deal. And, I am worried about Makenna too. We have been talking to her about getting a sister more lately, and she is really focused on the idea. The other day we went to an Ethiopian restaurant and she saw a baby there. She was ga-ga for this baby, and just could not leave her alone. The kicker was when she turned and asked me "baby sister??". She thought it was going to be her baby sister. Broke my heart. So, we may be able to wait a few more months, but I don't know if she can!

Well, I'm hoping for good news this week for us, and for the other families waiting too!
Good night!


Melanie said...

I totally know about the wait. Here I am on year 2 and waiting, well, I am soooo over it. I know I need to learn patience, but haven't I learned it already?!? I know this is something I need to work on, but I keep thinking if I promise to work on it after the baby comes home isn't that good enough? Here's to hoping your wait is very, very short.

Kari said...

Melanie, you are a SAINT in my opinion. I don't know how I would do with a 2 year wait. YIKES!! You are my new hero!

Mama Papaya said...

So they say June 15th, but I recall there being a few post June 15th referrals. Not that you need your period of extreme anxiety extended, but I am just saying.

Hoping for a referral blitz by Friday!

Carrie (out west)