Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Mall-2 parents, 4 kids......they won!

Today I went to the mall with my sister, her 3 sweet kids and my cute little girl. We must be CRAZY!!! The kids are 7 months, 2, 5, 7. Now, it doesn't seem like it would be that bad right?? And, it wasn't bad, it was just hilarious! I heard my sister and I both say things that we heard our mom say when we were kids like: "stick together" "hold hands" "stop irritating your sister" "look with your eyes, not your hands" "no, we're not getting that" etc. Those are scary times, when you realize why your mom sounded like that. And, why with 4 kids at home we never went anywhere very often

Anyhow, we only managed to make it to 2 stores and lunch before calling it quits. I'm not sure who was more tired, the kids or the moms. I really started to laugh when I realized that we would be even further outnumbered when our next daughter comes home. YIKES!

But, I love my sister, my nieces and my nephew, so I would do it again tomorrow. I love getting to spend the day with them, and Makenna does too. She worships her aunt and cousins. So, one more day of waiting well spent. :)

P.S. tomorrow is another unofficial "deadline" for referral for us. Our SW mentioned maybe hearing something this Friday. We don't have our hopes up, so we'll see.