Friday, June 15, 2007

Stinkin' June 15th

So, for all of you following our story, today was THE day. June 15th is the unofficial cutoff date that our agency uses for the end of referrals until after the rainy season (about early September). And, we heard NOTHING!!! UGH! We sit at the top of the list, currently 3rd on the list of families waiting for referral. We are so close!

Our agency made a few exceptions last year after the 15th, so not all hope is lost. However, I am just exhausted after the last week or two. I was doing fine with the wait until then. Now, for the last two weeks, I have become obsessed. Thinking about getting a referral has taken over my life and my brain! I have been within 6 inches of my cell phone 24 hours a day, even though I rationally know that's not necessary. Still, you never know when they will call right? :) I am so glad that the weekend is here, and that I will stop obsessing for at least 48 hours, because I know they're closed.

So, we hold out hope still for a referral before courts close. We will keep you posted!


Revvin Mama said...

Hi Kari! The wait is so hard. But your new daughter will be as perfect as her big sister and worth the wait. I love your thoughts about enjoying your family for now as is before the dynamics change. It is hard to reach a date that your mind and heart had hoped you would see your referral by. Hang in there and your JW list family is praying and waiting with you. Dawn Palm Bay FL

Nancy said...

Oh man Tesfaye and I are so with you!!!!!

Chandra said...

Hi Kari and Ron,
Fellow CHSFS member and came across your blog. Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about all of you at the top of the list and sending ((hugs)) your way!! Good luck and I hope you make it past the cut off date after all!!
Chandra :)